prayer-008Please pray regularly for the 10LC ministry as a whole, its servants and movement.  This will be greatly appreciated!  We firmly believe in the power of prayer and invite you to join us spiritually in asking for the Lord’s guidance, inspiration, blessing and protection from the forces of the enemy who are always trying to prevent us from reaching others with the truth.  Bottom line is … Prayer works!  Praise the Lord for granting us access to His throne and arming us with this powerful spiritual weapon!

Live It

giving_hand_2-003This is God’s first and foremost will for ALL of our lives; that we would Live Out His 10LC through our daily thoughts, words, and deeds.  This is what Jesus did and taught!  This is how we become a light of God’s love to the world!  As you follow Christ’s example of holiness, it encourages others to follow suit.  And this is how you best reach out to others with this life-saving message of Love and Repentance, which leads to eternal life.

Visual Aids

10lc_t-shirt_ministryGod loves visual aids!  He asked the Israelites to hang blue tassels on their garments so that when they would see them they would remember to keep the 10LC (Numbers 15:37-40).  Today, you can hang a 10LC poster in your home, place a 10LC license plate or bumper sticker on your car, or wear a 10LC T-shirts or beanie hat!  These things are all available in our “Store”.  The 10LC logo is a powerful visual aid, and it will help stimulate others into thinking about God’s 10LC.  Please don’t be scared to serve God in this way (Matthew 10:33).  You may even find yourself engaged in conversation with some curious onlooker!


donate_image-004We are always in need of finances to continue this ministry’s online presence (website registration, hosting, SSL security costs), graphical design work, product production, etc.  If you feel led by the Holy Spirit to help support this ministry with a contribution, please do so by using the donate button below.  This will take you to a secure PayPal “Donate” page where you can enter the desired amount.  All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for supporting Love!

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