A (Your Part)  +  B (God’s Part)  =  C (Eternal Life)

PART 1 / 12

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Welcome, everyone, to our SE Series.  This is where we’re going to teach you a simple equation that will quickly and easily expose ALL false salvation doctrine in today’s church world.  We’re even going to talk about non-biblical catch phrases and buzz words that are extremely popular in today’s churches, and show you how they are being used by Satan to take the light off of the Biblical truth of salvation.

So we’re going to talk about things like, “Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior, Have you received the free gift of eternal life, Are you saved, Salvation is by faith in Christ alone, etc”  Where did these phrases come from?  What do they mean?  And then we’re going to talk about doctrines like, “Once Saved Always Saved, Can you lose your salvation, and even Universal salvation”.

So this is going to be fun.  I mean we’re really going to get into this thing!  And why are we doing this?  Because there is nothing more important than you obtaining eternal life.  You need to be absolutely sure that you’re not believing some lie on this matter, and in the end you don’t make heaven.  That would be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make!

So come with us on this journey.  And let’s get to the bottom of salvation.  Let’s learn the crystal clear Biblical truth of how to obtain eternal life.  So we’re going to do this next time, in part 2 of this series, by teaching you a very simple equation — the Salvation Equation.  This is going to be the most important equation you’ll ever learn.  So we’ll see you then.


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