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Conclusion (The Exodus Parable)

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The Exodus Parable

Congratulations everyone, you’ve made it to the conclusion of our Salvation Equation (SE) series!  This is where we’re going to reveal God’s amazing message behind the Israelite’s story of bondage in Egypt, deliverance thru Moses, and wilderness journey to a Promise Land.  It’s from this story that the SE equation was born.  And it’s this story that the church today DESPERATELY needs to understand, so all demonic salvation doctrines will die.  So let’s get right into it.

The first thing you need to understand is this story is a parable.  Remember how Jesus loved to talk in parables?  Jesus said, “I have not spoken on my own, but the Father who sent me has commanded me what to say and how to say it.” (John 12:49).  In other words, friend, Jesus’ parables came from God!  It is HE who is the creator of parables.  And in the OT, many of the real-life stories that took place were being carefully controlled by God to be parables, delivering messages to mankind.

And this is the case with the story of the Israelites.  In fact, it’s the mother of all parables in God’s Word!  It’s the main story in the Bible!  All 66 books in the Bible support its message.  So what was the message?  The parable reveals everything involved in mankind’s spiritual journey back to God.  In other words, it will reveal everything it takes for a soul to obtain eternal life, and that truth is going to uncover the SE!

The Setup

Remember now, in a parable, things symbolize, or represent, other things!  So here are the things in the Israelite parable and what they stand for: The kingdom of Egypt represents Satan’s kingdom of darkness, and Pharaoh himself represents Satan.  The Promise Land represents Heaven, where eternal life exists, and the Israelites represent us, all of mankind.  And Moses represents the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ!

So here’s what happened, in the Garden of Eden Satan enticed Adam & Eve into sinning, and they immediately went into bondage to sin and death.  All mankind would now be born into sin and its resulting death.  In other words, Satan now held the power of death over mankind.  And we had no hope of ever becoming free of this death penalty in our own power, for we would all sin, which left us no chance at obtaining eternal life in heaven.  We were Satan’s slaves!

So God created this same situation with the Israelites, by making them slaves in Egypt under Pharaoh’s control.  Oh, the Israelites longed to return to the Promise Land, but they had no hope of ever escaping Egypt to get there.  Pharaoh and his army would kill them if they tried.  In other words, Pharaoh held the power of death over the Israelites, just like Satan held the power of death over mankind.  And Pharaoh would not let them go!

So you get it?  God has this real life story, this parable, perfectly set up now to reveal EVERYTHING it will take for us, mankind, to make it to heaven and obtain eternal life.  All we have to do is look and learn everything it takes for the Israelites to make it to the Promise Land in their story.  It’s that simple!  It’s the perfect parable.  And it’s amazing!

Moses & Red Sea Scene is Term B

So what happens first?  God himself delivers the Israelites out of Egypt.  He raises up a man named Moses, to work through, in order to free the Israelites.  And long story short, at the Red Sea, God commands Moses to “stretch out his arms” while He miraculously divides the sea, saves the Israelites, and then destroys Pharaoh and his army.  Do you get it?  This is about Jesus!  Remember, Moses represents the coming Messiah, Jesus, in this parable.  And roughly 1300 years later, God raised up the man Jesus, to work through, having him “stretch out his arms” on a cross, while He miraculously divided the Temple Veil, saved mankind, and then destroyed Satan’s power of death over us.

Friend, if you haven’t figured it out yet, THIS is Term B in the SE.  This was God’s duty in helping us obtain eternal life.  It was ALL God’s doing!  We had NO PART in it.  The moment Jesus’ sinless death came into existence, as he died on the cross, we were set free from the bondage of sin and death Satan had us under.  Why?  Because THIS was the righteous death that could now pay our death sentence for the sins we committed, which gave us a chance at obtaining eternal life in heaven.  This was the free gift … Jesus’ death!  This was God’s grace.  And now you know God’s incredible salvation message behind Moses and the Red Sea scene in His parable of the Israelites.

Mt. Sinai & Wilderness Scene is Term A

But here’s the kicker, that’s not the end of the story.  So let me ask you a question … did God’s miraculous deliverance of the Israelites AUTOMATICALLY place them in the Promise Land?  No!  All it did was put them in a POSITION to now BE ABLE to reach the Promise Land.  Before they had no chance of that!  So guess what they had to do now to reach and enter the Promise Land?  They had to make a journey through the wilderness.  And guess what the journey entailed?  Obedience to the 10LC!!!  This is why 50 days after the Exodus scene, God gathered the Israelites at the base of Mt Sinai and thunderously spoke and wrote the 10LC for them!  And then He said:

“All the commandments which I command you this day shall you observe to do, that you may live, and go in and possess the Promise Land” (Deuteronomy 8:1)

Wow!  And if they didn’t keep them:

“Not a single person of this evil generation will see the Promise Land” (Deuteronomy 1:35)

Friend, do you get it?  This is Term A in the SE!  God is revealing here OUR DUTY in obtaining eternal life!  It’s a lifelong journey!  We are to forsake sin and live by God’s 10LC.  If we’ll do that, THEN Christ’s death will be applied as the ransom payment for our sins, yielding us eternal life in heaven.  It’s that simple.  And if we don’t live by the 10LC, then we will perish in the lake of fire and never get to see heaven.  Now you know why, when the man asked Jesus, “Teacher, what must I DO to obtain eternal life?” Jesus answered, “If you want to obtain eternal life, keep the 10LC” (Matthew 19:17).  See?  Jesus was looking back and confirming God’s salvation message in the “wilderness journey” portion of the Israelite’s parable.  It all makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it?  It’s so simple!

Salvation Equation Revealed

The Israelite’s story had it all.  It’s the SE!  God had something to do, and we have something to do in order to obtain eternal life.  And they are completely separate and independent of each other.  So let me ask you question … In the wilderness, did the Israelites have to “believe in the story of Moses at the Red Sea” to enter the Promise Land?  No!  The ONLY thing they had to do was choose to live by God’s 10LC.  Well, likewise, you don’t need to believe in the story of Jesus on the cross, either, to make heaven.  It’s wonderful if you do, but it’s not necessary!  The ONLY thing you need to do is live by Jesus’ teachings, the 10LC!

Listen, God’s work through Moses was finished!  It was a done deal.  Pharaoh’s power was destroyed, the Israelites were free, and the way to the Promise Land was wide open for them.  Well, likewise, God’s work through Jesus is finished!  It’s a done deal.  Satan’s power is destroyed, we’re free, and the way to heaven is wide open for us!  Millions of people have lived on this earth having never heard anything about the story of Jesus, and that’s perfectly fine.  You don’t need to know that story to make heaven.  You only need to live by the 10LC, and ALL mankind has known them, for they’re wrapped up in the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others whatever you would want them to do unto you, for this is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12)

Wow!  Friend, everyone knows when they are treating someone else in way that they themselves would not want to be treated.  That’s sin!  That’s no love!  And that’s the wide path most people take that leads to hell!

Well, friend …. THIS was the incredible message I received from God Dec 8, 2007, as I lay in my bed.  I was overwhelmed!  And yet, I’m only scratching the surface of all God told me about the Israelite’s story.  Then, a few months later, He revealed to me His mind-blowing message behind the story of Noah, the Ark and the global flood, which was another parable, but this one was about Christ’s Second Coming!  All these truths, and much more, are now written down in a book God commanded me to write in 2008 entitled: “Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death”.  If you REALLY want to know what the Bible is about, get that book and read it!  It will change your life!


Well, that’s it, friends!  That’s the SE!  Hopefully, you’ll go back now and watch this entire series again, for if you do, I believe you’ll REALLY get it!  No one will be able to confuse you, ever again, about salvation.  You’ll be able to instantly spot confusion and deception in preacher’s words.  Which reminds me … I need your help?  Friend, we’ve got to get this SE information into the church.  Preachers today desperately need to understand God’s message behind the Israelite’s story!  So if you’re a churchgoer, let your pastor know!  If we can get this information out, I know it will help many people make heaven!  Then after learning the SE, all a person needs to do is learn comprehensively ALL about God’s 10LC, and then begin living by them.  That’s it!  Well, Jesus bless you, and may God help us all!

“And let us not be weary in well doing (keeping the 10LC): for in due season we shall reap (eternal life), if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9)


God Reveals The Salvation Equation
In The Old Testament

The Israelite story of bondage in Egypt, deliverance through Moses, and wilderness journey to a Promise Land was all created and caused by God to happen to reveal The Salvation Equation to mankind. Please watch the video above to understand this truth!


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