Salvation Equation



S01. Introduction

S02. The Salvation Equation

S03. Repentance For Forgiveness of Sins

S04. What Must I Do to Obtain Eternal Life

S05. By Grace Are You Saved Through Faith

S06. Not of Works Lest Any Man Should Boast

S07. The Free Gift of Eternal Life

S08. If You Believe Jesus Died and Rose Again

S09. Have You Accepted Jesus as Your Savior

S10. Can You Lose Your Salvation / OSAS

S11. Other Bible Phrases Equal to Keep 10LC

S12. Conclusion (The Exodus Parable)






I have been searching for the will of God by reading his word and listening to preachers.  I have been confused by the various messages circulated by pastors that seemed to contradict the words of Jesus; messages such as “once saved, always saved”, “saved by faith alone”, “your past, present and future sins are already forgiven”, “you don’t have to do anything since Jesus nailed all your sins on the cross for you”, “the 10 commandments = legalism”, which is to be avoided at all cost!  I even heard that “works” is an insult to God’s Grace!  One weekend in September, I was fasting and praying to God to give me clarity and found your website.  The Salvation Equation explains the difference between our part and God’s part perfectly!  The writings of Paul finally make sense!  Obviously, I felt convicted and will be taking steps to obey God’s commandments, especially on the “DO” side of things.  I thank you for being a faithful servant of the Lord Almighty!  Many blessings ~ Julie

Before I listen to anyone preach, I listen to how they share the gospel.  I couldn’t stop listening until I finished the teaching 1-12 Salvation Equation.  I just can’t get over how huge the wrong gospel is that is out there.  Thank you for sharing this message ~ Daniel

I have been seeking the truth of the gospel over this last year.  I asked the Lord to show me where I missed it before for I seen no reason to try again in the same light.  I knew that ‘once saved’ was my only hope and that didn’t cover all the scriptures.  Finally I came across your website and for the 1st time it made total sense.  Why were these simple truths so hard to come by?  For decades I searched different denominations looking for the truth, from ‘once saved’ to the slightest indiscretion and ‘you’re out’.  I have greatly enjoyed your book & teachings.  God bless ~ Terry

Thank you so very much for your wonderful website!  I knew there was something terribly wrong and missing from most every Christian TV messages that I have listened to for 12 YEARS — just accept Jesus and be water-baptized and you are saved forever.  Thank you for the Truth fine Sir ~ Michael


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