Salvation Equation



S01. Introduction

S02. The Salvation Equation

S03. Repentance For Forgiveness of Sins

S04. What Must I Do to Obtain Eternal Life

S05. By Grace Are You Saved Through Faith

S06. Not of Works Lest Any Man Should Boast

S07. The Free Gift of Eternal Life

S08. If You Believe Jesus Died and Rose Again

S09. Have You Accepted Jesus as Your Savior

S10. Can You Lose Your Salvation / OSAS

S11. Other Bible Phrases Equal to Keep 10LC

S12. Conclusion (The Exodus Parable)





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2 thoughts on “Salvation Equation

  1. I saw the movie “2028 END”. The bible also said he would cut time short for the righteous sake. If he didn’t, no one would be saved. So maybe Jesus will come before 2028. Do you have any thought about that?

    I am Seventh-day Adventist and believe in lots of what was said in the movie. The movie gave me information that I never thought about before. The information about 10 fingers and toes and the DNA. Now every time I see my hands and toes, I think about the 10 commandments. Thank you for putting out the movie and your website.

    • Yes, sister, God’s Word reveals the length of the Great Tribulation will be 3.5 years. This is what God means by He will “cut short” the Antichrist’s reign, otherwise no one would survive. He’s going to give the Antichrist ONLY 3.5 years! That’s all that is meant by that phrase.

      So look for Christ’s return Feast of Trumpets 2028, earth’s 6,000 year, 2,000 years after the year of Christ’s death in AD 28, and 80 years after Israel’s rebirth in AD 1948. God bless.

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